Rama Saputra

Composer, Performer

Bandung, Indonesia

Rama Saputra is an accomplished composer and performer from Indonesia, with a deep proficiency in analog synthesizers as well as oriental strings and percussion. His artistic interests are broad, focusing on temporality, psychoacoustics, and the ambient-tribal electronic sounds that bridge the vernacular music activities of Asia and Africa. Rama is deeply engaged in exploring cross-cultural cooperation through his music. Rama has spearheaded various cultural collaborations aimed at fostering traditional and contemporary music incubation across cities and countries. These initiatives have connected multiple communities, enhancing the musical landscape through shared knowledge and creative synergy. Notably, Rama participated in the ‘intra-chromatic’ project alongside artists from Indonesia and Sweden, a significant endeavor facilitated by the Sacred Bridge Foundation, Indonesia’s first cultural non-profit private organization recognized by UNESCO. Through these collaborations, Rama seeks to not only create music that resonates across cultural boundaries but also to strengthen the ties between traditional heritage and contemporary musical expressions, making a profound impact on the global music scene.