Eusebio Alejandro Sánchez González

Monterrey-based percussionist, producer and educator from Mexico, Eusebio Sánchez is an acknowledged instrumentalist, mastering mallets, drums and various percussion instruments in settings ranging from intricate contemporary classical music to EDM and experimental multimedia interactive platforms. Eusebio holds a Masters degree in Music Performance from Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio, in Spain, and currently teaches percussion at Universidad de Monterrey (UDEM) and Escuela Superior de Música y Danza de Monterrey (ESMDM). In addition to his solid trajectory as a virtuosic marimba soloist, he is the founder of contemporary percussion ensemble Q-Sión, focused on performances using unorthodox instruments; and idealizer of FRI-QUI, a project recently funded by IBERMÚSICAS aimed at the exploration of the experimental electronic music realm, diving into the mix of acoustic percussions with audio-visual live processing triggered by body sensors reactive to movement and the use of everyday objects such as TV and video game remote controllers to generate audio responses in real time.

An enthusiastic collaborator, Eusebio has been a part of countless collective endeavors: in 2019, he was the producer and soloist of “El amor y la muerte”, a performance with a 130-piece ensemble featuring alumni from the ESMDM; and in 2021, Eusebio helped organizing the 60-piece all-female orchestra Nosotras Sonamos, directed by Valeria Rubí and Alma Huerta, focused on performing works from female composers.