Neema Nasirumbi

Neema Nasirumbi is a singer, songwriter, and rapper from Nairobi, Kenya, who has embraced music as her true calling after a profound journey of self-discovery. Self-taught on the piano, Neema is deeply committed to expanding her musical horizons and education, actively engaging in every opportunity to explore and learn. Neema’s music reflects keen observations of societal pain, discrimination, corruption, and the pervasive effects of hatred and injustice, transforming these harsh realities into powerful lyrics and resonant messages. She collaborates closely with a group of musicians recovering from addiction at a local community center, offering social support and a creative space for musical collaboration. Neema is also dedicated to mentoring young musicians and helping them navigate the uncertainties of a professional music career. By empowering others, Neema believes she is making meaningful progress, one artist at a time.