Piotr Kurek


Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw-based producer Piotr Kurek invents dense hypnotic instrumental worlds inspired by primeval chants and industrial ambience. Piotr favors spidery organ lines, creaking accordions and other analog flourishes in his electro-acoustic productions. Also known for his work with pioneering breakcore group Slepcy, Piotr uses jazz, krautrock, and classical art music as the bedrock of his wintry soundscapes. Released by indie electronic labels like Crónica Electronic and Digitalis Recordings, Piotr’s avant cassettes and LPs have ignited positive buzz across the experimentally minded corners of the blogosphere. His dramatic landscapes have also found a home in the soundtracks for Poland’s contemporary Lublin Dance Theater and the Bialystok Puppet Theatre. As a composer and performer, Piotr has been featured at numerous festivals across Central Europe, including Transmediale, Baltic Festival, UH Fest, and Gdansk Dance Festival. “Urban Afterimage,” a piece he co-authored, was selected as a finalist in the Malta International Theatre Festival in 2009.