Piotr Kurek

Piotr Kurek is a Warsaw-based musician, multi-instrumentalist and composer. Drawing on a diversity of approaches and influences, he creates hypnotic, fantastical music and occasionally composes for film and theatre. Known as a solo musician but also as part of various collaborations (most recently Piętnastka with Hubert Zemler), he has released music on Edições CN, Mondoj, Hands In The Dark, Black Sweat Records, Dunno, Sangoplasmo and other labels. Piotr has performed extensively, presenting his work at numerous music festivals like Unsound, CTM, OFF, TodaysArt, and UH Fest, as well as participating in extensive tours in Poland and abroad. He is an alumni of  2012 OneBeat by Bang on a Can’s Found Sound Nation. In recent years, he was also invited to residencies at EMS in Stockholm, Sweden and Gyeonggi Creation Center in Ansan, South Korea.