Nina Ogot

Award-winning singer-songwriter Nina Ogot weaves traditional and contemporary Kenyan sounds into vibrant, infectious pop. A versatile singer and guitarist with lyrics that co-mingle French, English, Lingala, Luo, and Swahili, Nina connects with large and diverse audiences. Blending Western folk, afropop, and, more recently, electronica, she delivers a soulful and magnetic sound. As a communications student in France, Nina had her musical horizons broadened by the diversity of Francophone culture and the emerging potentials of new media. Cultivated from her past as a television and radio host, her expressive lyrical style tackles themes of political injustice with equal conviction as day-to-day struggles. Her introspective debut album, Ninairobi (2008), documents the cultural vibrancy of public space and the vivid urban environment of her native Nairobi. Nina has collaborated with numerous musicians and producers across Africa and Europe. Her artful music videos, captivating television appearances, radio performances, and behind-the-scenes webseries, 4×4, have earned her international recognition. In 2011, she received the Kenya Film Commission Kalasha Award for Best Original Score.