Mthwakazi Chosi

Bow Player, Vocalist

Keiskammahoek, South Africa

Hailing from rural Eastern Cape, South Africa, Bongiwe Lenga is a Xhosa opera singer-songwriter and performer. Bongiwe, who goes by the stage name Mthwakazi Chosi, has pioneered her self-termed, Xho-pera music genre which synthesizes African bow music, classical music, opera, choral music and African dance rhythms. She is deeply committed and rooted to her Eastern Cape heritage, while also defining a contemporary expression of that traditional culture. In addition to her work as a musician and performer, Bongiwe is a deeply committed community advocate and founder of the Chosi Chosi Creative Academy. The Creative Academy promotes popular education, compositions and performances of African bow music as well as arts, crafts, dance, poetry, creative writing and other creative activities for youth in rural Eastern Cape.