Pedro Indio Negro


João Pessoa, Brazil

Pedro Indio Negro is a Brazilian singer-songwriter and illustrator born and based in João Pessoa, a coastal city in northeast Brazil. A powerhouse performer on stage, Pedro explores a wide range of genres as a vocalist, from Northeastern folk traditions such as Forró and Baião to African American music such as blues, soul and jazz. As an Afro-descendent and LGBTQIA+-identifying artist from an underprivileged region of Brazil, his creative work is deeply informed by his social experience, and he often writes about Afro-Brazilian spiritual religions like candomblé and umbanda. Pedro has recently shared the stage with luminary singer-songwriter Chico César in São Paulo, and performed at the prestigious Fest Bossa & Jazz festival in João Pessoa. A strong voice from the heart of Brazil’s culturally rich Northeast, Pedro’s work examines love from a non-binary perspective, trying to develop an “alternative way of looking at human relationships, based on freedom”.