Mariel Terán

Mariel Terán is a Bolivian contemporary composer and traditional Bolivian instrumentalist based in La Paz. Focused on the performance of native Andean flutes not commonly played by women such as sikus, pinqillus and moseños, Mariel is a member of Bolivia’s highly praised Orquesta Experimental de Instrumentos Nativos (OEIN) since 2019. With the Moseñada Nueva Sensación group, co-founded by her, she has performed in many native communities in Bolivia in support of their celebrations and festivities, as well as advocating for women’s empowerment in the traditional music realm. An avid explorer of sound, Mariel also ventures into developing and building new instruments, incorporating her inventions to her compositional and improvisational works with Txio-Txio Duo, alongside OneBeat Virtual 3 fellow Tatiana López.