Moses Ayantunde Ayankunle

Moses Ayankunle is a percussionist, sound artist, and artistic researcher based in Lagos, Nigeria. Moses was raised in a griot tradition, having been passed down the tradition of drumming, singing, oral history and indigenous Yoruba folklore by his father and grandfather. He is deeply connected and influenced by these Yoruba roots, and believes that music holds both a unique power and responsibility to unite communities and advance social change. Tackling topics such as climate change, domestic abuse, and patriarchy, Moses is able to connect with audiences and other artists through his compositions, balancing the emotional weight with a soundscape that seeks to actively engage and incorporate his audiences into the experience. He is currently developing a project geared towards the resuscitation of care and responsibility in traditional communal spaces. Through his works, he employs new techniques of preserving, developing and promoting indigenous cultural sound-based knowledge and practices.  The exploration of collective memories and history of his society and her rhizomatic character are major attributes of his creative process.