Michelle Sui

Michelle Sui is a multidisciplinary artist, vocalist, performer, composer, choreographer, and filmmaker based between Los Angeles and New York. Their work exists at the intersection of opera, film, dance, installation, audio and new technologies and draws upon language in translation, the dislocations of memory, and the simultaneity and improvisations of body and voice. Their decade long research in vocal music and women’s folk music traditions has taken them to study and perform in many post-Soviet landscapes of Eastern Europe and the Caucasus. They are interested in inbetweenspaces and where oral history, music, and movement can be expressed through non-Western and nontraditional forms of performance, pedagogy, documentation, and notation. Michelle has performed at venues such as the Museum of Contemporary Art, Hammer Museum, LA Music Center, BAM, REDCAT, Marciano Art Foundation, and Park Avenue Armory. Presently, they are working on the final film of their Chinatown trilogy, developed through seven years of interviews and conversations with immigrants, queer activists, and musicians in the American South.