Marta Kolega


Zagreb, Croatia

Marta Kolega is a fearlessly inventive multidisciplinary artist equally inspired by deep traditions of storytelling and poetry, traditional singing and modern vocal improvisation technique. Marta was previously music director of the Serbian Cultural Society Prosvjeta – ZborXop, and presently the music director of world music choir ‘Fige’. She has just finished writing libretto for Mak Murtić’s Mimika Orchestra new album Altur Mur in which she is also a singer. She has a very crazy flamenco fusion trio where she sings and performs together with flamenco dancer Mitja Obed and jazz violinist Petra Onderufova called A Cuerdas.She is president of the organization “Kamene Babe” which is conducting feminist artistic research “Old maid – Woman on the Edge” featuring 5 Croatian female artists, which will be performed in July 2022.