MC, Multi-Instrumentalist, Producer, Sambista

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Luanda Silva Oliveira, known artistically as LUANDA, is an Afro-Argentine non-binary MC, producer, and instrumentalist from Buenos Aires. Born to an Argentinian flutist mother and a Brazilian samba percussionist father, LUANDA’s rich musical heritage is evident in their work. A skilled composer from Universidade de Tres de Febrero, LUANDA combines hip hop’s energetic flow with the folk rhythms of Argentina and Brazil. They are not only a dynamic performer but also a deft arranger and multi-instrumentalist, often seen grooving on the cavaquinho and singing over self-produced beats.

LUANDA’s music is a bold reflection of their personal journey, addressing their experiences with racism and transphobia. They state, “The LUANDA project focuses on performing and producing within the Black community, collaborating exclusively with Black artists from the African diaspora.” This approach has led to significant collaborations, including work with Brazilian artist Bia Ferreira and engagements with Afro-Indigenous groups in audiovisual media. LUANDA’s unique blend of Afro-Argentine music and modern rhythms, coupled with their commitment to social and cultural representation, makes them a distinct and influential voice in the music world.