Black Assets

Singer-Songwriter, Vocalist

Baltimore, United States

Ashley Lakayla Yates, also known by the stage name of ‘Black Assets’, is a dynamic vocalist/singer-songwriter from Itta Bena, Mississippi, whose art is committed to reflecting the experience of Black people in the United States, Black later moved to Baltimore, MD. Where her music career blossomed. Her southern roots combined with her Baltimore Charm molded Black into a Powerhouse Soul, Funk, lndie, Rock Songstress. Black Assets is Soul Personified and a shining example of how eliminating self doubt can transform a once negative perception into positivity, she’s captivatingly passionate, and pure talent. Her most recent single. Being Black was an eloquent display of her talents. She wrote the lyrics. produced the song, and designed the cover art. She is also the creator of The Living Room Social (TLRS), a platform for musicians and music-lovers in the Maryland area whose purpose is to make and experience music together in the name of love, peace and light. For the past 3 years, TLRS has curated over 75 shows boasting loyal audiences of over 200 people per show. A natural leader, Black Assets music is directly rooted within her community and when she sings, she gives an on fire performance!