Jessica Srin


Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Jessica Srin, a.k.a. MC Lisha, is resident rapper of the Khmer KlapYaHandz collective and the undisputed mistress of Cambodia’s thriving hip-hop scene. Firing mercilessly tight verses in English, Khmer, and Jarai, Lisha is a coveted partner in the local freestyle circuit. If her lyrics have militant tenor, it’s because she drops rhymes aimed to educate and empower Cambodia’s teens, especially girls. Out of the small handful of female MCs in Phnom Penh, Lisha has been a permanent fixture of the culture since the 90s. In spite of her longevity, this veteran emcee has remained almost famously evasive from the eye of the international public. Lisha, a proud mother of three who holds a day job as a copyeditor, has nevertheless been persistently prolific. Lisha has been featured on songs by local acts Khmer Kid and Los Poporks, as well as Swedish hip hop group Maskinen. Since 2002, she has been radio DJing alongside famed DJ Sope (considered the godfather of hip hop in Cambodia) in an attempt to further engage the youth with hip hop’s empowering message.