Denis Peniugin

Balalaika Player

Saint Petersburg, Russia

Denis Peniugin is an energetic balalaika player from Russia. Born in Leningrad, he graduated from St. Petersburg’s Rimsky Korsakov Conservatory, and has since become an acclaimed concert performer, teacher, recording and collaborating artist. As a soloist, as well as a member of multiple orchestral and ensemble formations, Denis has toured extensively across Europe. He has participated in various international festivals, such as the Moscow Easter Festival, Festival Seviqc Brežice (Slovenia), Earlymusic (St.Petersburg, Russia), Festival Musicale Estense «Grandezze & Meraviglie» (Italy), Festival Printemps des arts (France) & others. His music interests range from baroque to folk to ethno-punk, while profound academic education and natural improvisation skills allow him to be equally good at almost any style, including Dixieland jazz, pop music and theatrical scores. Regarded as one of the leading young ambassadors of his instrument, Denis brings balalaika–one of the Russia’s most recognized cultural symbols–to another level of musical art.