Gugulethu Duma

Uhadi Player, Vocalist

Eastern Cape, South Africa

Gugulethu Duma (aka Dumama) is a future-folk musician and cultural activist from Eastern Cape, South Africa. Having studied under renowned Xhosa bow master Madosini, Gugulethu’s fresh take on jazz and R&B incorporates influences such as South African greats like Miriam Makeba to Hugh Masekela, as well as American vocalists Nina Simone and Erykah Badu. Gugulethu is deeply concerned with “developing ways to preserve and empower oppressed people, our music and our histories – creatively documenting our stories far and wide”, layering nostalgic sounds from her ancestors while re-imagining protest sounds of the future through the use of looping and technology. In addition to her performing work, Gugulethu works with at risk youth as an educator at Ubuntu Academy in Cape Town.