Andrés Rigau

Cuatro Player, Guitarist

Bayamón, Puerto Rico

Andrés Rigau is a guitarist and cuatro player from Puerto Rico, who holds a BA from the Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music. Andrés started his musical career at a very young age, playing folk music with his brother in traditional celebrations and family gatherings. As a professional musician Rigau had the opportunity to represent Puerto Rico at music festivals in México, Ecuador, Europe and the US. Andrés’ approach to music making is very community oriented, having focused most of his work on children, young people and the promotion of Puerto Rican cultural heritage. Over the years he has developed many musical projects of his own including Parrandero Profesional, Cóctel Music, Kimbau and Grupo Andante. Andrés has worked professionally as a composer, arranger and producer for salsa orchestras, theater productions, jingles for advertising and Reguetón singers.