Essilfie is a singer-songwriter who specializes in cross-genre pop with a positive social message. She has performed at the Jameson Connects concert, Social Media Week Accra, 2019 Worlafest, and Alliance Française, among others. She has also participated in international music residencies such as NewFolk.Lore Incubator (Institut Français) and Black Girls Glow. She has received a Best New Artist award from Golden Age Creative Arts and was awarded a grant from the British Council in 2022. Additionally, she has collaborated on social justice music campaigns, such as Black Girls Glow and You Are Cared For. As the organizer and headliner for Ess Live, a concert series that helps her connect with the creative community and provides a space for new artists to perform, she is passionate about creating systems for creatives, especially women, to thrive.