Dylan Greene

Composer, Drummer, Producer

New York City, United States

Dylan “HUNTERCHEE” Greene is an Asian American composer, producer, and drummer. His collaborative work spans North America, Europe, and Africa in both recording and performance with artists such as Shahzad Ismaily, Dumama, Kechou, Luciane Dom, Mark Stuart, Shane Garcia, Elliot Cole, Grammy nominated A Far Cry Chamber Orchestra, Bessie-winning choreographers Rebecca Lazier and Christopher Williams, and Peabody Award winning podcast, Radiolab. His recent commissions include chamber music about Ming Dynasty naval exploration and Chinese immigration for the Peabody Essex Museum in Boston, site-specific audio-visual installation about cultural melancholia for Oyoun Kultur Neudenken in Berlin, and choreographic score for the Mark Morris Dance Center in NYC. As HUNTERCHEE, most inspired by electronic music and jazz, he explores ancestral perception and distortions of memory and narrative through the lenses of mental conditions and Eastern philosophy.