San Andrés de Tumaco, Colombia

Ana Lucia Quiñones, a.k.a Analú, is a singer-songwriter born, raised and based in San Andrés de Tumaco, in the Colombian Pacific. At only 23 years old, Analú is an impressive young artist, with a powerful voice and enrapturing flow, whose work already shows great diversity, ranging from rap and dancehall to Afro-Colombian Pacific traditional music. Analú has presented at Zonal del Festival Petronio Álvarez in Bogotá and at important festivals such as Festival Venus Fest Pasto in Pasto and Top Show Colombo in Bogotá. Furthermore, she was recently part of an exchange between Universidad Nacional de Bogotá and Tumaco musicians, exploring group improvisation and soundscape as creative practices. Committed to making the reality of her community visible to the rest of the Pacific coast and to the world, Analú is dedicated to empowering women. Her experience as a black young woman from a mainly black non-mainstream city of Colombia informs her work, deeply rooted in the cultural and social contexts of her community, and her transit between modern electronic arrangements and acoustic ensembles centered around the marimba de chonta displays her genuine interest in both the contemporary and ancestral artistic lenses.