Alyana Cabral

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Producer, Vocalist

Quezon City, Philippines

Alyana Cabral, AKA T33G33, is a multidisciplinary artist, producer and DJ from the Philippines. Through a haunting combination of voice and synthesis, Alyana uses their music to advocate for substantive change regarding both human rights and gender-related issues. Hailing from the underground rave and electronic music scenes in Manila, T33G33 is part of grassroots efforts to create safe spaces within local communities immersed in dance culture. She is affiliated with ELEPHANT, a queer party series advocating for safe spaces for queer people, and SAKA, an artist-activist alliance for genuine agrarian reform and food security. Their live performance practice can be described as ambient electronica, avant pop, experimental R&B, and spiritual deconstructed club. Their music addresses colonialism and third world people’s struggles as well as the oppression of women.