Jett Ilagan

Jett Ilagan, aka escuri, is an imaginative and talented Manila-based producer. Jett’s music emphasizes cultural soundscapes through the use of field recordings of urban environments and its interaction with people and nature. His current projects involve performing and producing electronic music in various public and private settings, as an attempt to explore how physical spaces contribute to and effect spatial sound and performance. Currently, Jett is interested in employing lights and multichannel sound as a medium to communicate the role of our cities in composing and infusing rhythms to our everyday urban life. He is part of BuwanBuwan Collective, a Manila based record label dedicated to unearthing substantial electronic art forms. Jett is also a co-founder of PsWs, an independent artist-run initiative aimed to introduce contemporary sound and art culture to the young generations in the province of Laguna, Philippines.