OneBeat Live: Presenting 3-days of Streaming Events

This year, OneBeat convened 35 innovative and socially-engaged musicians from 17 countries for its first ever virtual residency from July 12th – September 6th, 2021. These artists have spent the past 7 weeks meeting, working and collaborating online, addressing this years’ programmatic theme of Scores For Uncertain Times.

From September 2nd – 4th, 2021 OneBeat Virtual  musicians will present their collaborations, works in progress, and experimentations, inspired by ideas of scoring and rules unwritten, new modes of healing, collective care, and creating community in unusual times.  Visit our program page during the event times, or tune via Facebook or YouTube, to watch!


September 2nd 2021

10AM – 2PM EST

OneBeat Virtual Marathon Concert – 3 hours of musical performances and collaborations from the 35 OneBeat Virtual Session 1 Fellows, along with short interviews and a brief introduction by OneBeat staff.

September 3rd 2021

10AM – 5PM EST

10 AMJournaling The Back Of The Mind featuring Malaysian performance artist Tian Yoon Teh, Bolivian contemporary percussionist and traditional flute player Andre Alvarez, Indian singer-songwriter Ditty, Egyptian artist Kilma and Filipino flautist John Owen Castro with Brooklyn-based percussionist Amy Garapic

Creatively stitched “desde el interior” of healing through imaged-based memory recollection and journaling, we offer this sh(airing) as our collective, cumulative journal entry: a journey to the back of the mind of six new friends through image, doodles, sound, narration, prose and music

11 AMThe Sonic Dive featuring Indian MC Manmeet Kuar, Brazilian mandolin player Victor Angeleas, Brooklyn-based trumpeter Christopher Williams, Lebanese sound artist Stephanie Korab, and Indian producer and pianist Sandunes

A virtual presentation of collective ideas that were born as a result of tuning into the worlds around us through our unique soundscapes. These pieces look at confronting environments and spaces from a renewed perspective, synthesizing the worlds around us to touch on themes of sustainability, mindfulness, recycling sound into music, and using our unique positions as artists for our activism in a world that needs more voices to speak up. This will be followed by an “offline” soundwalk and guided meditation where the audience will be invited to participate in real time from different parts of the globe. Led by U.S. artist and trumpet player Christopher Williams, this audio guide takes you on a short excursion, and is an attempt to facilitate a connection between the mind, body, and your environment.

1 PMWhere to land? featuring Croatian experimental clarinetist Ivana Bandalo, Nepalese sarangi player Kiran Nepali, Kansas City’s Royce “Sauce” Handy, Brazilian singer-songwriter LAZULI, Montenegrin pianist Marija Mitrovic, with Brazilian multi-instrumentalist Paulo Sarotri and OneBeat artistic director and composer Christopher Marianetti

A suite of digital pieces reflecting on suspension, inspired by philosopher Bruno Latour’s invitation to reimagine alternatives to a post-pandemic world. While casting light on realities of the present and revisiting the past, we offer musical answers to six urgent questions. Hailing from Brazil, Nepal, Croatia, Montenegro, and the US, we, here, are laying the ground for new roots to be grown and taking the risk of orbiting this major uncertainty: Where to land?

2 PMEverything Old Is New Again featuring Indian classical vocalist Sayani Palit, South African pianist Zoe Molelekwa, Nigerian drummer Peter D. Abayomi, Tunisian kanun player Hana Boukhris, and Pakistani multi-instrumentalist Wajahat Shah, with Brooklyn-based flautist and bandleader Domenica Fossati.

A small collection of thoughts, field recordings and songs that connect us to our roots. In this showcase, we find commonality in our rich and diverse music, and commemorate our musical traditions by revising, redesigning, and recreating the songs of our ancestors.

3 PMExperiments in Songwriting and Production featuring Colombian singer Ana Milena Lozada, Utah percussionist and modular synth player Gavin Ryan, Indonesian producer Rani Fitriana, Brazilian percussionist and producer Alexandre Baros, and Colombian bassist Miguel Velasquez Matija with Brooklyn-based producer Christopher Botta.

A hybrid experiment of music video and documentary, led by Recife-based percussionist Alexandre Baros and Indonesian producer Rani Jambak, premiering the work of these global producers developed over the last 6-weeks of OneBeat Virtual

4 PMResonation to Infinity and Beyond featuring Indonesian sound artist and live coder Rangga Purnama Aji, NYC-based cellist Dara Hankins, Russian producer Ilia Symphocat, Bolivian producer Marco Flores Zapana and Russian cellist Alina Anufrienko with Johannesburg-based UMLILO

Resonation is an inter-dimensional musical journey of healing through numerological, personal, historical, and technological pathways. The showcase explores healing frequencies through a unique lens of other-worldly characters that transcend space and time.

September 4th 2021


Building Radio led by Brazilian producer Marcioz, Johannesburg-based MC Tshephang Mabizela a.k.a SOAW, contemporary violinist Teagan Faran, synthesist Amy Reid, with Brazilian producer and sound artist Luisa Puterman

A live broadcast of global collaborations from OneBeat Virtual Fellows and a celebration of global friendship – Building Radio is a space to share ideas, stories and magnetic fields. Tune in and listen to a 5 hour mix of conversations, ensembles, visual score performances and music experiments featuring the OneBeat Virtual Fellows.



Telephenesis part 1 featuring:

Nopiano, Rangga Purnama Aji, Gavin B Ryan and Marco Flores Zapana

9h15AM EST

Live Coding Ensemble featuring: 

Rangga Purnama Aji, Teagan Faran, Gavin B Ryan, Amy Reid, Rani Jambak

and Hana Seifelnasr


Cross Continental Conversations #1

hosted by Tshepang Mabizela with Hana B, Ditty, John Owen and alumni Umlilo as guests


Telephenesis part 2 featuring:

Kiran Nepali, Dara Hankins, Teagan Faran, Marcioz, Victor Angeleas, Miguel Velasquez, Alexandre Baros, Tian and Andre Alvarez

11h45AM EST

Cross Continental Conversations #2

hosted by Teagan Faran with, Peter D.Abayomi, Tian, Alina Anufrienko and alumni Dylan Greene as guests

12h45AM EST

Geometrics for grief, healing & touch featuring:

Marcioz, Amy Reid, Ivana Bandalo and John Owen

13h20AM EST

Telephenesis part 3 featuring:

Ivana Bandalo, Amy Reid, Marija Mitrovic, Ilia Symphocat, Rani Jambak and Manmeet Kaur