Los Senderos del Viaje

María Betania Hernández received a OneBeat Accelerator Grant to aid the production of Los Senderos del Viaje,” a micro-documentary reflecting on the lives of five Venezuelan families who migrated to surrounding Latin American countries of Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Peru and Chile; stories representing a microcosm of the larger experience of 4 million Venezuelan citizens, who have left their place of origin in search of better opportunities around the world.

Venezuela is currently experiencing one of the largest migratory flows in contemporary history – approximately four million citizens have left their place of origin in search of better opportunities, reaching almost every corner of the world. María Betania sought to rescue migrant’s memories and stories through this audiovisual art piece, adapted to the conditions of isolation. From María: “Los Senderos del Viaje” is a portrait of the Venezuelan immigrant, of their courage and perseverance in adverse situations, and how they leave a firm mark on our collective memory that we hope will not be forgotten. The piece is a community self-portrait that transits between soundscapes, video art and storytelling – one in which we can recognize ourselves, and above all remember ourselves. These stories from individuals serve as a collective memory for today and for the future.”

Directed, produced and with original music by María Betania Hernández, the film highlights the diasporic condition of resilience, change, and identity, reflecting on how immigration affects and impacts not only their lives, but also the relationship with their Venezuelan identity. Additional members of the team include producer Maria Amaral, a screenplay by Bethania Yánez, and video editing by Rafael Farrera. The film is available to view freely on Youtube (in Spanish).

To view the micro-documentary, see here.


María Betania Hernández is a composer and multi-instrumentalist, born in Calabozo, Venezuela. A graduate of National Experimental University of the Arts program in Music and Composition, Maria is co-founder of Círculo Creativo de Música Contemporánea, an organization dedicated to the promotion of contemporary academic music in Caracas.  María is currently pursuing a Master’s degree at the Federal University of Latin American Integration, in the Interdisciplinary Latin American Studies program, with a focus on the intersection of Latin music and contemporary art.