Budakattu – Arun Sivag

Co-led by 2015 OneBeat alumnus Arun Sivag, the Buḍakaṭṭu Archive of Tribal Musical Arts is a multimedia archive of rare tribal and folk musical genres from Karnataka (India). These musical forms are under threat of being lost to history, with many artists now having to look for other sources of income which may require them to stop practicing their art form. The Budakattu Archive attempts to offer a holistic response to the crisis these musicians face.

In 2020, with support from OneBeat Accelerator, Budakattu built a pilot project and identified 3 indigenous music groups in south Karnataka to begin this work with – the Kudiyas (Virajpet), the Soligas (B.R. Hills) and the Siddhis (Uttara Kannada Dist.). Despite challenges from Covid-19, the project moved forward with establishing an advisory council and completed production on a first episode, featuring Ms. Sharada Somaiha from the Kudiya tribe, a ‘Dudi kott paatt’ performer. An EP of music from this first episode is being completed, along with production of Episode 2 featuring the Soliga Tribal performers from the BR Hills region. The project has now also received approval and support from the Ministry of Youth Affairs in India to ensure its continuation.

See the episode 1 trailer here.