Milalao Mozika

Milalao Mozika, from Jax Ravel, is a free music educational video series covering various topics ranging from global music traditions, performance, songwriting, and theory will be distributed online and in partnership with Malagasy media outlets.


Jax Ravel is a Malagasy multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, and educator. He started his career playing with his father, who began teaching him the piano at age 4 and went on to master many instruments, including bass, drums, valiha, voice, upright bass, trumpet, percussions, guitar, melodica, kabôsy, ukuleles and more. In his early twenties, he was named the head of the Bass Department at the Centre Germano-Malagasy in Madagascar. One of the most renowned session players in Madagascar, Jax has toured extensively in Africa and Europe with several artists, including acclaimed French Saxophonist Didier Labbé.