Livia Mattos Launches Virtual Portal Exploring the History of Brazilian Circuses

Photo by Alexia Webster

2017 Fellow Livia Mattos launched a new project called “Respeitavel Publico”, a free virtual database documenting the history and trajectory of Brazilian circuses. “The portal is a way to bring the public closer to the traveling circus, at this pandemic moment, presenting another approach of contact and content about this peculiar way of production of life and work. Understanding the difficulties of transposing the experience of going to a traveling circus to the online format, the site proposes an immersion in the stories and narratives of those who perpetuate and give continuity to all this.”, says Lívia.

On the site, users can get in touch with an overview of traveling circuses in Bahia, and access an online exhibition about the Circo Real Xangay, as a case study that demonstrates how the traveling circus works.

The project is financed by the Secretariat of Culture and the Cultural Foundation of the State of Bahia.

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