Jason Kunwar Speaks With The Kathmandu Post About The Trajectory Of His Project ‘Night’

The Kathmandu post wrote about 2019 Fellow Jason Kunwar‘s band Night, and the amazing research and work that they have done in order to preserve and promote Nepalese folk music through the use of traditional instruments like the paluwa, the nyakhin, and the tungna.

Regarding their musical evolution (They were a metal band when they first started) Jason said “The ethos of metal gave us discipline. We kept learning and discovering folk instruments by visiting remote areas, learning from those who had mastery in playing such instruments. Sometimes, we brought instruments and self-learned as well”.

The band, who are signed to Sub-Sonic Roots, a UK based record label run by Nepali expats, recently released an album called Ramite-Daam, which loosely translates as “The Spectator: Scar”, is based on a novel Jason is currently working on.

In addition to releasing music, Night’s ongoing project “Know Your Instrument” explores the history of traditional Nepalese instruments through a series of short documentaries and workshops.

Read Night’s feature on the Kathmandu Post here. Listen to their most recent album, Ramite-Daam, below.