IBK Spaceshipboi releases Padeya video

OneBeat 2015 alumni IBK Spaceship Boi talks about his new project, WORLDRADIO and video for ‘Padeya’, shot on location in Cali, Colombia.

What is the inspiration for WORLDRADIO?

The inspiration for ‘WORLDRADIO by SPACESHIPBOI’ is pivoted on the notion that “we become what we focus on”. Conceived with the intent to destroy negative racial demographic stereotypes, this is my attempt to show the beauty of the world via musical collaborations using visuals that capture it’s true essence.

This is the first of many compilations ‎to come. It showcases my musical interpretation of various musical genres associated with race/geographical location. Imagine a compendium of genres unique to different parts of the world in an Album, that’s what this is, hence the name WORLDRADIO.

How did you write the song “Padeya” (featuring OneBeat alumni Fabian Sanchez and Daniel De Mendoza) and why did you decide to travel to Colombia for the first song on this album?

“Padeya” was a happy accident. I was creating music for a TV series and the director of the show asked to I create a happy upbeat song for the show. My fingers gravitated towards a salsa rhythm on the keys and some hours later, the musical structure for “Padeya” was birthed.

As I continued to develop the piece, I figured it was way bigger than what I intended. I had a light bulb moment and the idea of turning it into an Afro-salsa fusion record with lyrics in Spanish and a video shot in Colombia was conceived. Why Colombia you might ask? It’s because of the dominant salsa sound and feel of the music. Cali, Colombia is the world’s salsa capital. It made sense to finish the music production process there and make a video in that beautiful city.

I had been looking for a different creative route to showcase unity and oneness, ‎a beautiful world and the power of collaboration. The making of “Padeya” set me on that route that led to the idea of WORLDRADIO by SPACESHIPBOI compilation.

What is the next step for the project?

The next step is to find funding. The debut single “Padeya” cost about $6000 of my personal income to bring to fruition. With Colombia covered, I still intend to showcase my interpretation of music from – The United States, India, Nigeria, Russia, Turkey, Brazil and Taiwan. Also showing the world the beauty of these places and the positive energy of its people. The next countries on my list are Turkey and India. I intend to head out there to create and collaborate in September 2016.

The WORLDRADIO by SPACESHIPBOI compilation is currently scheduled for release on the fall of 2017. You can download “Padeya” on digital media stores worldwide, including iTunes