Festival Musik dalam Layar – Jay Afrisando

Jay Afrisando was a first-round recipient of a OneBeat Accelerator for his project, Festival Musik dalam Layar (On-Screen Music Festival), a virtual music festival featuring Indonesian musicians, in partnership with several Indonesia-based initiatives aiding musicians artists financially affected by the pandemic. Festival Musik dalam Layar showcased twelve performers, composed of Indonesian musicians and sound artists who were selected from an open call held in the late July 2020. The festival presented musicians who have been financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, giving them a chance to present artistic work and get fairly compensated for their participation. All information about the virtual festival, including a link to the live streamed videos, can be found here. FSN’s Nyokabi Kariuki also interviewed Jay discussing the Festival Musik dalam Layar for our Medium page, which can be found here.