Arun Sivag Launches New Multimedia Archiving Project for Indigenous, Tribal and Folk Artists

2015 Fellow Arun Sivag launched a new project through his non-profit organization Global Kulture called the ‘Budakattu Music Archive’- an online archive of traditional arts in India. The project seeks to collect audio and video recordings of songs, interviews and dances of artistes from 40 communities (the state government lists 50 Scheduled Tribes), and compile it into an archive, creating a partial multimedia ethnography of tribal music and culture.

“In the far reaches of this land there exist tribal performers and groups that remain unnoticed. Our project ‘Budakattu’, aims at addressing this issue by creating a multimedia archiving project for Indigenous, Tribal and Folk artists – a majority of whom are women – across India showcasing their music and way of life through audio recordings, music videos, and online concerts”, said Arun.

The initiative received support from the OneBeat Accelerator program.

Watch a trailer for the project below: