OneBeat 2019

Human Ecologies
September 16 – October 9

How can musical creation and performance work as a complex, dynamic, living system? What are the implications of the scientific notion of self-organization in nature, in art, and in the making of new work? What can a musical lens show us about the ways groups of humans interact?

Sep 20

Timucua House

Orlando, FL
A spontaneous improvised session featuring duo and trio performances
Sep 24

Street Studio at Pettis Park

New Smyrna Beach, FL
A mobile recording event with OneBeat Fellows
Sep 27

Atlantic Center For The Arts

New Smyrna Beach
The culminating performance of OneBeat's Florida residency
Sep 29

Heartwood Soundstage

Gainesville, FL
OneBeat Tour Kickoff Concert
Oct 01


East Point, GA
Beatmaking and Songwriting Workshop with OneBeat Fellows
Oct 01


East Point, GA
OneBeat Mixer and Community Jam Session
Oct 02

Grocery On Home

Atlanta, GA
An intimate evening of situational music and performance
Oct 03

The High Museum

Atlanta, GA
A Series of Immersive and Roving Performances at High Frequency Friday
Oct 04


East Point, GA
A street studio, discussion and performance
Oct 06

WDVX Blue Plate Special

Knoxville, TN
A Live In-Studio Performance on WDVX Community Radio
Oct 06

Fourth Presbyterian Church

Knoxville, TN
Human Ecologies and Ecosystems: a series of panel discussions and intimate performance
Oct 07

Street Studio in Market Square

Knoxville, TN
A mobile recording event with OneBeat Fellows
Oct 08

Bijou Theatre

Knoxville, TN
OneBeat Finale

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