Youcef Bouzidi


Algiers, Algeria

Youcef Bouzidi is a talented Algerian bass player living in Algiers. A sought-after instrumentalist and innate team player, Youcef has accumulated extensive experience in a wide range of collaborations across different genres, from instrumental jazz to traditional Gnawa music, as well as ventures into Brazilian and Latin styles. He also acts as a music educator and has collaborated with the NADA organization in a charity concert against child abuse in Algeria. As he puts it: “As inhabitants of a third world country where there is so much to do, we cannot afford to rely on the initiatives of others to have an impact on society, and this kind of artistic action is for me a powerful way to contribute concretely to a positive change in others and in oneself”. In addition to bass, Youcef is proficient on a variety of other instruments such as baglama, guembri, guitar and percussion. Drawing on his background in environmental studies, Youcef is currently aiming to establish an annual green music event based in Algeria.