Millet Padrón


Playa, Cuba

Millet Padrón is a talented classical guitarist hailing from Havana, Cuba. At only 22 years old, Millet is a guitar virtuoso who has won multiple awards from national and and international competitions, including the UNEAC Performance Competition, MUSICALIA, Miami International GuitART Festival, Altamira International Virtual Guitar Competition, Albania Guitar Festival and Competition, Florida Guitar Foundation Virtual Classical Guitar Competition, and the Guitarlab Virtual International Classical Guitar Competition. A graduate of the University of the Arts of Cuba, she has been a guitar teacher at the Escuela Nacional de Arte, since 2018, and at Universidad de las Artes since 2022. In 2022, she participated in SOUNDFARM VOL. 5, a workshop led by OneBeat 2018 fellow Pepe Gavilondo on collective improvisation, soundpainting, and theater techniques, mixing a variety of forms of sound making. Millet particularly enjoys chamber work and exploring eclectic styles of playing.