Yorn Young

Percussionist, Singer

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Young Yorn is a composer, singer, and musician who plays traditional Khmer music. Born in Kampong Thom, in the middle of Cambodia, Young has been working with arts in Cambodia for more than ten years. After graduating high school in 1999, he started learning Khmer arts in both a pop and classical style, and continued my studies at MSL Arts Club, Apsara Arts Association School, and University of Fine Arts, Cambodia. He has worked with a number of arts organizations such as the Department of Fine Arts and Culture in Phnom Penh City, where he was a writer and singer from 2003-2006, and Apsara Arts Association, where he contributed his skills as a musician, singer, theatrical teacher, and school director from 2006-2010. Young has performed–and continues to perform–in many festivals in Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, and beyond.