Tyler Andrew Lackey

DJ, Pianist, Saxophonist, Vocalist

Washington D.C., United States

Tyler Andrew Lackey is a Tennessee-born, Washington-D.C.-based Social Practice artist whose work celebrates and supports Blackness while inviting deeper exploration and understanding of the complexities surrounding race, caste and culture in the United States and abroad. As a musician, Ty creates soundscapes from unique sonic libraries along with his saxophone, piano, flute, percussion, vocals, and guitar, often focused on improvisation and collaboration, and inviting participation in the music making process. In his visual arts, Ty experiments with projections, AI images, and Book Arts to explore themes of preservation and reflection. Through mediums of music-making and visual projections and practices of communal experiences as performance, Ty opens the door for dialogue around nuanced facets of Black identity and the broader socio-cultural landscape.