Tara Aldughaither

Tara Aldughaither is a curator, researcher, and vocalist from Khobar, Saudi Arabia whose practice revolves around embodied and experiential forms of knowledge accumulation. In the past year, she has collaborated with pianists, guitarists, and percussionists in her hometown, integrating her cultural communication and music research background to create performances that combine entertainment with storytelling and audience interaction. Tara is deeply passionate about using music to address social issues, specifically focusing on women’s stories and voices. Her research and vocal work revolves around emerging artists, community and the re-imagination of narratives for the purpose of intergenerational healing. She is the founder of the artistic research, documentation and production platform Sawtasura, which is dedicated to collecting and recording women’s musical folk practices in the region, and she is currently working on a project to re-compose and perform these songs.