Marko Louis

Drummer, Percussionist

Belgrade, Serbia

The renowned vocalist and percussionist Marko Stojanović Louis was born in Munich into a family of Serbian musicians. He studied music at the Munich Conservatorium, and learned Balkan rhythms from his father Ljubiša Stojanović Louis, who is also a percussionist. In 2007 he moved to Serbia, where he studied sound design, and continued to develop his career as a performer and bandleader. He released two albums with his former soul band Maraqya and in 2015 he put out his very first solo album Shine on me. In April of 2017, he issued his second solo album Beskraj which is mainly in his mother tongue, Serbian. Apart from working on his albums he has collaborated with a number of musical projects with artists from around the Balkans. Marko always says “in music there can be no boundaries” and he lives up to this belief throughout his live performances and music.