Jack Boaz

Jack Boaz is an accomplished violinist, composer, and multi-disciplinary artist from Santa Fe, now based in Brooklyn. Originally trained as a classical violinist, Jack began to explore different genres of music as a young adult, and began traveling the world to study a variety of folk musical traditions from Europe to Asia. They have performed in traditions spanning from free jazz to American and European folk music, and are now working on producing experimental electronic music, exploring the violin in a sample based practice. Also an accomplished multimedia artist, Jack has presented works at the Taos Center for the Arts and the Berkeley Art Museum, and has performed live at the Lotus Temple in New Delhi, the Dranouter Festival in Belgium, and the LEAF Festival in Asheville. Jack is one half of the Americana duo Boaz and Zito, who released their debut EP, One for a Cello One for a Goat, in 2022.