Haydée López Peña

Haydée López Peña is a Havana-based flutist, vocalist and producer. She attended the renowned Instituto Superior de Arte in Havana, where she studied flute performance along with music education and music therapy. Upon graduating, she found her way into Havana’s vibrant jazz scene, becoming an in-demand session player. Beginning in 2010, she began working with traditional Cuban ensemble Achy Lang y Afro Cuba, contributing to their acclaimed Cubadisco-nominated album, Abriendo Caminos (2013). Currently, Haydée is working on her debut solo album influenced by an array of traditional Cuban styles including salsa, rumba, and bolero, along with American jazz and soul. In addition to her recording and ensemble work, she has collaborated with Orquestra Sublime to present work at public institutions and run workshops with elderly cha-cha-cha and danzon musicians.