Gökçe “ÇeÇe” Gürçay

Body Percussionist, Sound Painter

Istanbul, Turkey

Gökçe “ÇeÇe” Gürçay is an Istanbul-based trainer and percussionist. A drummer in Gevende and member of the KeKeÇa Body Percussion Ensemble”, ÇeÇe performed and led workshops throughout Europe, North and South America. He has conducted rhythm workshops in 45 cities with over 11,000 Turkish youth as part of the Independence Train Project with Zilzurna, a wing of the Semaver Kumpanya Theater Company. As an educator and performer, ÇeÇe is a strong proponent of sound painting, a form of experimental sign language for live composition and improvisation. In 2011, he debuted his solo show, Me Play Me, and followed up with a duet production in collaboration with Ayşe Akarsu the following year. An official International Body Music Festival artist, ÇeÇe continues produce a prolific body of workshops, performances and international projects.