Feryal Öney


Istanbul, Turkey

Feryal Öney was born in Aksehir, in the Middle Anatolia region of Turkey. In 1987, she relocated to Istanbul to study at Bosphorus University, where she became heavily involved in the school’s folklore club. In 1993, she founded Kardeş Türküler (Songs of Fraternity) Project, with whom she has gone on to perform countless concerts and release ten albums with as a band member and lead singer. In 1996, she recorded her first solo album, Hardasan-Songs from Azerbaijan, with musicians from throughout Azerbaijan. In December 2006, her second solo album, Bulutlar Gecer (Clouds Pass by), which is based on the folk Music of Middle Anatolia was released by Kalan Music. In 2012, she recorded Tebrizden Toros’a, an album about the Iranian Ehl-i Hâk and Anatolian Alewi-Bektashi musical communities. Released by Kalan Music,Tebrizden Toros’a features renowned Iranian vocal master Cavit Mürtezaoğlu. Currently, Feryal is a member of Boğaziçi Performing Arts Ensemble, which was founded in 1995.