Gizem Oruç


Istanbul, Turkey

Gizem Oruç (a.k.a 6zm) is an Istanbul-based musician, sound designer and producer. After receiving a Masters in Chemistry at Boğaziçi University, Gizem transitioned to Istanbul University to study multi-media and electronic arts. Gizem’s joint passion for science and arts has provided the foundation for forward-thinking collaborations across a myriad of disciplines, including video, installation, internet art and performance. Gizem’s two EP’s Blurred EP (2014) and Brain Dance (2015) effortlessly infuse heavy dub and breakbeat production with spurts of electro-acoustic and Anatolian instrumentation. “Life is experimentation, so is my music” says Gizem, whose eclectic output and genre-hopping aesthetic feels anything but conventional.