Elenna Canlas

Producer, Synthesist, Vocalist

Brooklyn, United States

Elenna Canlas is a Brooklyn-based keyboardist and synthesist, producer, and vocalist.  Known for playing keyboards & synths with Sudanese-American artist Sinkane from 2016-2020, she now creates music as Lupa, having recently released the debut EP The River Became A Road, with a new LP on the way in 2022. Elenna is also a Steering Wheel member of Sound Mind Collective (SMC), a Brooklyn-based organization that connects independent music performers & culture workers with local communities to encourage meaningful, positive growth through education, policy change, social justice advocacy, mental health awareness, and creativity. In collaboration with SMC, she is the organizer and facilitator of Womxn Musicians Forum, a circle that aims to inspire communal dialogue to address the challenges and issues faced by womxn in music culture and its communities. In her words, “music is a conduit for poetry, community, healing, expression of truth, past/present/future ancestral messages, and the revolution of earth & its descendants. It is memory, connection, and sustenance through sound.”