Ben Seretan

Ben Seretan is a musician and writer based in Coxsackie, NY. A prolific multi-instrumentalist, composer, and songwriter, Ben is equally adept as a soloist and a collaborator. His music and ethos centers around what he calls “radically intimate performance”, embracing and strengthening his local community through the sharing of vulnerable music. Ben’s work ranges from cathartic guitar jammers (as on 2020’s “Youth Pastoral) to placid piano duets with bugs and raindrops (2021’s “Cicada Waves”) to more durational projects, like “My Life’s Work” a 24-hour-long collection of multimedia and guitar drones. Ben is a curator of shows for venues as small as his own living room and as large as Lincoln Center. His album “Youth Pastoral” was heralded as “an undeniably dynamic examination of how human beings seek meaning, whether in a higher power or in each other” by Paste Magazine, and was ranked as one of their top albums of 2020. A master of building community and fostering deeper musical and personal interactions, Ben also maintains My Big Break, a weekly correspondence project featuring new writings and recording almost every single Thursday.