Arturo Capur

Known by his stage name Arturo Capur, Jorge Arturo Fernández is a composer, sound designer and double bass player from Mexico City. An avid experimentalist, he is constantly and tirelessly searching in his instrument for the sounds he hasn’t heard before: “One of my biggest interests in music is creating complex textures using extended techniques on the double bass and amplifying them by using different effects”. Working in a sound design studio for 7 years, Arturo has developed and matured all sorts of technical skills, from production to Atmos mixing, all of which he has integrated back into his compositional and improvisational works. Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Music Theory from the University of West London, in the UK, he is also a passionate high school music teacher seeking to make space for teenagers to express themselves artistically, and helping them to find their own identities through music making.