Ahmed Rock


Alexandria, Egypt

Ahmed Rock was born and raised in Alexandria, Egypt. He is a member of Revolution Records and one of the pioneers of the Egyptian hip-hop scene. The group was formed in 2006 by teMraz and Ahmed himself, along with C-Zar, Rooney Hoodstar and Shehab as music producer. Rebels at heart, the Alexandria-based collective changed the Egyptian hip-hop scene, bringing a new, simpler, artistic rap that everyone can understand in order to deliver their revolutionary message to the largest number of people. They believe the music industry needs a revolution. The way people think needs a revolution. So they decided to make a change—to be the unspoken words of the streets. Without the backing of a commercial label, they record their own tracks using a portable studio and software for recording, music producing, and sound engineering. Their rap could be described as political, angry, light, philosophical, and realistic. A number of well-known Egyptian newspapers have covered Revolution Records, as well as international journals, magazines, television and online radio stations. They hope to deliver their message to the whole world.