IMPACT ZONE, from Orakle Noy, is an educational program for young people and a documentation of unheard voices through artistic co-creation, awareness and a search for solutions in the fight against violence against women and girls of the streets of the Pakajuma District in Kinshasa.


Orakle Ngoy is a Kinshasa-based MC and organizer and founder of Afrika Diva Structure, a collective which helps to provide solidarity and resources to up and coming female artists in DRC. She has also engaged in collaborations supported by Goethe Institute and the Alliance Francaise of Kinshasa which focus on international collaboration and exchange between Central Africa and Europe. A strong frontwoman and inspiring performer who has thrived in Kinshasa’s male-dominated hip hop scene, she highlights the realities of life in the DRC in her texts and retells them from the special perspective of women.