OneBeat 2014 Final Reflections

From the wooded Northern California coast to the welcoming Los Angeles metropolis — from the magical Arizona desert to a packed old Albuquerque rail yard and the surrounding New Mexico vistas — 2014 OneBeat was made for you and me (sorry couldn’t resist). The 25 Fellows brought their unique blend of musical stylings and socially engaged strategies to communities across the West and Southwest, and were gifted by incredible support, enthusiasm, and encouragement along the way. They met an inspiring array of artists, students, teachers, and community members; taught workshops, led panel discussions; performed in rock clubs, art galleries, and open-air amphitheaters; and made lasting connections that span the globe. Hear more about the experience of our OneBeat 2014 Fellows in these interviews, filmed during our final days of the program in the beautiful desert of northern New Mexico.