Ng Chor Guan On Musical Futurism

In his piece for the ONEBEAT ZINE Vol. 1: The Golden Record, 2015 fellow Ng Chor Guan writes about his ambitious 20/20 Project, a five-year project with yearly stage productions that explore clones, time machines and the multiverse theory.

The project also examines the impact of technology in art making and community building. Guan Writes: “Although many people have pointed out the negative elements of today’s hyper- connectivity, I believe that commonplace technology now gives people an unprecedented opportunity to reclaim narratives, and tell their stories without middlemen or third-party filters. At this novel intersection of technology and art, people from halfway across the globe can see at work you’ve just made, and share something you care about. It connects us in a formless way and helps us feel less alone.”

Read the full piece HERE.